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True Folk TV Announcement Trailer

True Folk TV is an emerging artist discovery platform dedicated to promoting an inclusive, independent community of artists from all creative disciplines.

TFTV Artist Interview: Guitar Trio

In this session we gain insight into the mindset and process of three talented classical guitarists from the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College.

TFTV Artist Feature: Lee's Manifold

Watch Lee's Manifold talk about inspiration, artist competition, and play new music

TFTV Artist Feature: Kelly Quigley

An interview with engaging NY singer songwriter Kelly Quigley

TFTV Artist Feature: Jokamundo

Jokamundo is an engaging artist from Brooklyn, NY

TFTV Artist Feature: Boy Jr.

Boy Jr. from Rochester, NY makes really fun and catchy garage pop

TFTV Artist Feature - Pandafan

Watch Pandafan deliver some killer harmonies, and discuss how to get fans.

TFTV Artist Feature - Our Faithful Narrator

Watch Our Faithful Narrator talk in depth about album relevance, the accessibility of creation, and play unreleased music.

TFTV Artist Feature - Ari Zizzo

Watch Ari Zizzo play some catchy tunes while discussing the music industry and growing as an artist.